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Hollow Blocks 40 Piece Set

Hollow Blocks 40 Piece Set

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Code:11ENC00245 | Uom:SET | Supplier:NMC
Lead Time:60 - 90 days
40 piece set of giant hollow blocks, consists of 26 piece set and 14 piece set. made from beautiful hardwearing sustainable rubber wood. Light enough for children to move and create their own structures. The blocks are also mathematically modular.
Large block x 4=L 560mm x D 280mm x H 140mm
Large plank x 4=L 1120mm x D 140mm.
Small block x 4=l 280mm x d 140mm x h 140mm.
Small plank x 4=l 560mm x d 95mm.
Medium block x 8=l 280mm x d 280mm x h 140mm.
Ramp x 2=l 560mm x d 220M x h 140mm.


Hollow Blocks 40 Piece Set