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Silishapes Trace Alphabet-Pink

Silishapes Trace Alphabet-Pink

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Code:11ENC14006 | Uom:SET-26 | Supplier:NMC
Transparent pink silicone letters which are strong,soft and pliable and can be used in everyday play -in the sand pit,on the floor,on a light panel and in water. In a school friendly font they are useful for demonstration purposes,for display or for children to use themselves. Ideal for pre-Schools,nurseries and primary schools,the sets are easily cleaned after use in soapy water or in a dish washer.

Additional sets are also available,each in a different colour so they can be easily sorted when in use together:
Silishapes trace numbers -yellow (54509)
Silishapes dot numbers -green (54511)

What the 2014pps award testers said:
The children were immediately attracted to these as the colours were bright and eye-Catching. They loved the feel of them and said there were like pancakes!they are excellent for number and letter recognition and counting or spelling. The dots also encourage counting and matching. The children enjoyed tracing the shape of the number and letters which encourages correct formation. A fantastic accessory for the light panel too. A very reasonable price!


Silishapes Trace Alphabet-Pink